Uploading Files

This is probably the first thing you want to do when you are on this site. Every file needs to be uploaded on a drive, and with drives, you can speicify permissions on who can view/edit each one of your drives.

  1. Create a drive, by default, the drives "Public" and "Private" have been created for you. If you wish to use one of those drives then move on to step 3
  2. Click on the settings tab on the top orange bar.
  3. In the "Your Drives" section, find the input field for "New Drive:", enter in a name for this drive. (no special characters) and click on Add Drive. By default nobody but you have access to the drive.
  4. Go to File Drives, you may need to click on the refresh icon if your had the tab open.
  5. Click on the icon of a folder with a plus symbol next to the name of your drive.
  6. A input field will appear and enter in a name for this folder.
  7. Now more icons will appear next to the folder, click on the icon with a page and plus symbol.
  8. A new pod will appear on the top left side of the page.
  9. Click on the browse button and then click upload when you have selected your file(s).
  10. After the upload, the pod will close automatically and you should see the files in your folder.

Sharing your files

Sharing allow anyone with a ClouThe account to view, upload or edit to any of your drives. It is reccomended to set different drives with different groups you wish to share with. Examples include, family, friends, and co-workers.

  1. Click the settings tab on the top right bar
  2. Next to the drive you wish to share, click on "View Users"
  3. A window will pop up and next to email, type in the email of the user you wish to share the drive with. If they do not have a ClouThe account, a link to register will be provided.
  4. Then check the boxes to set the permission levels you wish to give.
  5. Click update and close the window.
  6. Now your done, after the user accepts your drive, he/she will be able to access your files on that drive anytime

Other Issues

Feel free to contact us and report any bug you encounter.