ClouThe is an easy, fun and powerful web app that allows users to manage and share their files seamlessly on the web. By utilizing HTML5 and modern web technologies, ClouThe offers a next-generation User Interface that feels just like any other desktop application. With the use of Pods, Drag and Drop functionality, multi-file uploads, and HTML5 video, file management is completely redesigned from the ground up.


All files contain links that produce several different actions depending on the file type. When the link is clicked, a new Pod is created on the left side of the screen which allows the user to access the file depending on its type. For example, clicking the link for an MP3 file opens a Pod that contains a seeker for the MP3 file and also immediately begins to play the file. The same is true for supported video files. Pods allow the user to engage with content without having to stray away from the file directory tree. You can hide and minimize Pods, showing only the Podís title, or when you are finished with the Pod, they can also be closed. In short, Pods behave much like a desktop window.

File Sharing

With the use of drives, ClouThe allows any user to give specific permission levels to different users. For example, you can create a personal drive and then grant viewing and editing permission to your family, or you can create a public drive exclusive to your friends while granting them uploading permission. Friends can also send requests to share their drives with you, allowing you to view their drives.


By utilizing a dynamic progress bar to track the progress of a file upload, uploading files is very user friendly. To stop a file upload, you simply close the upload Pod. With the power of HTML5, you can select multiple files to upload at once rather than uploading them one by one. This simple integration allows you to upload large collections of photos a breeze.

Drag and Drop

Moving files on most web applications requires some form of text-driven input. ClouThe, with Jquery-powered technology, lets users drag files - and even folders - into any other folder (assuming the user has the permission to drag-and-drop). This makes file management extremely easy.


The music tab is a fully functional media player just like Windows Media Player or iTunes. After uploading, all your music files are automatically scanned and added to your library where you can view and sort your music collection by artist, year, or genre. Playlists are then added to your Pods so you can listen while you roam on ClouThe.


Searching for files can be tough, but ClouThe makes it simple since files are indexed into a database. By typing in characters of a file name, the search bar will be populated with search results on the fly, making it effortless to find your files.